Friday, July 26, 2013

Skip Hop Jump

Skip, hop, jump.  That's how I feel when I look at this quilt.  It makes my heart happy.  This was the first quilt I completed after the bug was born.  I remember some sleepless nights when I would just go into my sewing room (which is now the bee's room) and cut and cut. Sew and sew. 

Isn't it funny how babies do things we'd like to do without any inhibitions?  Like roll around on a snuggly quilt in pure delight as their mommy tries to photograph it.

I used the Skip Hop Jump pattern from Denyse Schmidt's Quilts and fabric from Sweetwater's Hometown line, with a few other red fabrics from my stash.  I'd love to make this again someday, but might just wing it instead of using the templates. It's supposed to be a freeform quilt afterall.    

This was a wedding present for some dear friends of ours.  They had the most beautiful, intimate wedding weekend in the mountains which I feel honored to have been a part of.  I completed this quilt in July 2012 and they were married in 2010.  Luckily my friends didn't seem to mind the late present. 


  1. It's lovely. I love a two-color quilt -- especially a red one.

  2. Red and white are such a classic colour combination in quilting and you have used it to great effect. This is a darling quilt.


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