Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Ironing Board Cover

I'm somewhat embarrassed to share this project with you.  My ironing board cover was a pretty sad sight for a long time: scorch marks, holes, etc.  It was long past the point of needing a new cover.  Evidence:

I tried to buy a new cover, but couldn't find one to fit this oversized board (oh extra wide ironing board, how I love thee).  So I used this tutorial and now have this pretty thing:

Guess what?  It was as easy as the tutorial claims!  I did flip the board over to cut out the fabric, but that step is simple.  Now I am kicking myself (not really, don't worry) for not making this sooner!


  1. lol. I recognize the fabric...:)

  2. LOL. I recognize this fabric. Glad it's so easy to do...I need a new one, too!


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