Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quilt Bucket List 2015

Before I look back on 2014, I want to look ahead to 2015.  I sewed a lot in the latter half of this year, but I haven't sewn a quilt for months, and I am aching to make quilts again.  So I created this bucket list of quilts that I would love to make in the upcoming year.  In no particular order, here are the quilts my heart is set on (which of course are subject to change on a whim):

1. Heather Ross Far Far Away Swoon Quilt or Star Quilt - My daughter loves quilts.  She is her mother's daughter for sure, and it warms my heart to see that she has claimed three of my favorite quilts and sleeps with them every night.  Yes, she sleeps with three quilts on her bed in the winter months.  None of these quilts were made specifically for her.  I'd love to make her a star quilt or another swoon quilt using the Far Far Away fabric in my stash.  After all, she'll only be young for so long (le sigh).

2. Rocky Mountain Puzzle Quilt - I have fallen HARD for this quilt block.  I'm not sure what it is, but the minute I saw the one pictured above, I can't stop thinking about it.  I'm thinking I might use Flea Market Fancy on a low volume background.  The jury is still out.

3. Triangle Quilt - In all honesty, I have already started cutting out fabrics for an equilateral triangle quilt.  It's still in the infancy stage, but it's intended as a gift that I hope to finally be able to give in 2015.

4. Color Dive - See my thoughts in #2 above.  Fell.Hard.  Must. Make. Now.  I think this will be the first quilt I actually complete in 2015.  It seems relatively simple, and simple is what I crave right now.

5. Little Folks Voile quilt - I'm not sure where I was when Little Folks first came out.  I think I was on a sewing hiatus.  But, I've managed to aquire a good deal of Little Folks and I want to make a simple, light weight quilt out of this oh so soft and beautiful fabric.

6. Wonderland quilt - I've been hoarding a charm pack and layer cake of this "my precious" fabric for several years now.  This line, by Momo, is one of my favorite lines of quilting fabric ever.  Time to take it out of the stash and make it into something I can use and love everyday.  

7. Sprouts - Ok, I don't actually want to make a whole quilt out of this pattern (though I would love that, there's just so many other large quilts I'd rather make first).  I would love to make a pillow with this pattern, however.  I don't have any quilted pillows, so I hope to rectify that in 2015.

8. Spiderweb Quilt - I'll be honest. This is one of those quilts that I really would like to make, but the thought of ripping all those pieces of paper...this might be on the bucket list for many years.

9. Dresden Quilt - I've already started this quilt and have nearly finished the top.  I think this will be the second quilt I finish, right after the Color Dive quilt.  This is another gift quilt and I am so excited to give it to the recipients!

So that's it.  I'll be satisfied if I only make half the quilts on this list next year!  Happy Sewing!