Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Fruition: 1) Pleasurable use or possession; 2)The state of bearing fruit.

I've been wanting to make a Blossom block quilt ever since I saw this picture on flickr almost two years ago. I wanted one of my own so much that I immediately bought the materials. A few days ago I started the quilt. I've pieced together the top and just need to quilt and bind it. Further proof that I do have plans for all of my fabric, some of those plans just come to fruition quicker than others.


  1. to all it's place and purpose. apperantly on it's own time too. love it. it was worth the wait.

  2. wow good for you for going back to that original idea. I don't think I've ever done that before! haha. It's going to be a beautiful quilt!

  3. I love this quilt! The minute I saw it I knew I had found the perfect thing to make with a set of 10 fat quarters I bought for my birthday. Fabric I loved, but didn't have a purpose for.

    I tend to buy fabric for a specific project, but it's anyone's guess if it ends up being what I originally intended it to be! My purposes tend to evolve...

  4. I love this quilt! Is there a tutorial/instructions out there somewhere or maybe just some measurements for the strips and block size? I think I could probably figure out the layout from the pic.

  5. Yeah! You DID IT! :) I love it. The colors are awesome.

  6. It's lovely. I can see why the picture inspired you! I have seen a tutorial for this some where... sigh... but I would need more fabirc!


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