Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blocks to get through sewer's block

My absence from this blog was at first do to the warm sunshine that appeared a few weeks ago, but is now only a memory with the week of rain we've had. Then I was busy preparing for the transition to a new job. But now, the excuse is that I have sewer's block. I enter my sewing room, look at my fabric, look at my patterns, and just have no idea what to sew. So, what to do? Why, sew blocks of course.

Here is my contribution to the Pieced Together Quilting Bee for April:

Erin requested rectangles and squares. I think this quilt is going to look great.

I also started a quilt for my childhood friend who is having a baby boy (if the sonogram is correct!) in July. I'm using the Hopscotch quilt pattern from Super Simple Quilts #1. So far it has been super simple, though I think I might substitute the horizontal green stripe fabric for a solid green to add a little more oomph. What do you think?

More blocks to come!


  1. I don't think I've ever commented here, but I read and love your blog!

    I made a baby quilt from these fabrics last summer, and now I can't wait to see yours! I do think a solid green, or more solid print would give it more oomph. I remember having a hard time with these fabrics for that reason...the stripy prints just blended in when you looked at it from a distance.

  2. I am right there with ya on the sewers block. So I cleaned my sewing room instead (which I consider a significant accomplishment :) ).

    I agree that a solid green rectangle might look better.

  3. I love the block you made for me! I think it's going to look great with all these blocks in a quilt, too!

    Love those green Katie Jump Rope fabrics! :)

  4. Oh Steph, this is going to be so cute! I am so jealous that you are using the Katie Jump Rope fabrics for this quilt!

    Cough, Cough....I think Nathan and Corinne would really love the quilts you have made...cough, cough, cough.


  5. love both of these. they are going to be great. hope you are loving your new the new job.


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