Monday, August 20, 2007

Ready to go

The knit dress didn't happen. I did figure out how to properly sew with knits, but unfortunately I strayed too far from a pattern and ended up with a very maternity looking dress. That's ok, I still have this and this. Yesterday I stitched up these eye masks from Amy Butler's In Stitches to help us sleep on the flight to Europe. I have never really been one to sleep well while travelling, but these give me hope (along with ear plugs). This was my first time quilting anything. Who knew it could be so fun?

Is it sad that when we started planning our vacation, I was worried about being without a craft activity for too long? I have been saving these crochet projects for a few weeks now so that I could bring them on vacation. I'm not sure if it's ambitious to have three projects in mind, but I'm sure I'll get through at least one.

I wish you all a very happy end of August. See you in September!


  1. I am really liking those eyemasks...

    Have a great trip and take lots of pics for us!

  2. Have a fantastic trip! Can't wait to see pics when you return.

  3. Have a fabulous trip! I can't wait to see what kind of inspiration you come back with. Enjoy!

  4. Do you like the stiches book? I have been thinking of buying it, but have not yet, would you recommend?

    Have a great trip! -kb

  5. Love the eyemasks! Isn't Amy's book great?

    Safe travels and happy crafting!


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