Thursday, August 16, 2007

All about my bodkin (well, almost)

Wouldn't this be the perfect dress for Greece? I thought so too, so I made my own version.

I used New Look 6696 and some linen blend fabric. The dress was really easy to put together, especially with the bodkin I received from the creative Caroline. What a silly name for such a handy tool! A bodkin, in case you don't know, is a little set of tweezers that you can clamp shut over elastic so you can easily pull it through casings. This pattern calls for five casings on the back, so the bodkin came in extra handy.

I'm really happy with the finished dress and can't wait to wear it on the streets of Santorini.

Thanks for all of your suggestions about working with knits from my last post. I was finally able to make a decent stretch and zig zag stitch, but I do have a bit of doubt still leftover. I will definitely be taking a sewing with knits class this Fall. Unfortunately I had to throw in the towel on the wine colored jersey dress because I completely bonked up one of the bodice pieces and didn't have any extra fabric. I wouldn't be a true fabricholic if I didn't buy two colors of jersey though, now would I? I have some black jersey that I will make a second attempt on this weekend.


  1. It came out fabulous! I love it!

  2. Love it. I think you and are are linked when it comes to working with fabrics. We did seersucker at the same time and now I'm working in stripes. BTW, when are you going to Greece? I have a friend going at the end of the month. Now, I have to be jealous of both of you.

  3. It turned out great--looks very comfortable. I've never heard of a bodkin, but it sure sounds like something I need!

  4. I love it! Actually, I like your version better than the original. I've got to try the bodkin.

  5. Wow, beautiful! I'm now so frustrated. I want to learn sewing asap! How did you learn to sew?


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