Thursday, January 23, 2014


I cut into my flea market fancy fabric thinking I had a plan - large diamonds within diamonds. I cut, sewed, and cut again impressed at how quickly my giant half square triangles were coming together. Then I hit a road block. When I laid out all the blocks, something about it just wasn't working.  I almost panicked at this point (What have I done?  Have I wasted all this precious fabric?  etc etc).

Then I discovered something so many quilters have already discovered. Graph paper. Wow. How did I not use graph paper when planning my quilts before now? Not only is it efficient, it's fun!  I enjoyed sketching out all the possibilities.  By the way, this site has great, free printable graph paper. (Now you can't use the excuse that you have to wait for your Amazon order to arrive before you start planning that quilt.)

I abandoned my diamond layout for a carpenter star arrangement instead. I envision a big, scrappy, swoon-like block. Yes, I think this may just work out fabulous afterall.

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