Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two weeks

Yes, I know it's all been wedding wedding wedding around here, but with only two weeks to go until I say "I do," it's hard NOT to talk about the wedding. People keep telling me how calm I seem, but I've definitely had some not-to-proud moments this past week behind closed doors. The small details left to decide and a busy time at my real job have been a bit overwhelming at times.

Everything is mostly in place, however, and we are so excited. The pictures in this post are of the ceremony and reception site. These were taken this summer, so just imagine the leaves with a bit more color.

Let's hope the weather two weeks from today resembles the day these pictures were taken - sunny and warm - rather than today's weather - drizzly and chilly! I'm prepared for whatever happens, however. I know that no matter what, it will be a beautiful (and FUN!) day.


  1. Oh, wow, the location looks perfect! I'm in Richmond right now and our last few rainy days have turned into sunshine just in time for me to go to the State Fair. So hoping the weather does the same for your wedding, though some people think a little rain on your wedding day is good luck. Not during the ceremony though but early in the day and then the sun breaks through. So don't be depressed if it starts out drizzly. Good luck!!!

  2. It looks like a beautiful location. I can't help much on the wedding worries (I bought a dress 2 days beforehand and got married on a cliff at sunset, with no guests except the witnesses), but it sounds like you have the right mindset. Enjoy your day. I hope that it's a wonderful one and the start of a very happy marriage.

  3. What a perfect place for a wedding--mid october will be beautiful there!

  4. Isnt it funny when people find out how soon the wedding is they say "But you're so calm!" As if we're supposed to be running around with steam coming out of our ears and yelling at everyone.

  5. What a great spot! I'm right there with you, although nobody's telling me I seem calm. In fact, someone this afternoon said something to me along the lines of, "What, isn't it all lined up already? You should just have to make the final confirmations and that's it." Granted, she didn't know that I'm making my dress and it's not done, but I had to take a couple deep breaths before I could respond. I'm glad things are well set on your end! But indeed, it is all wedding all the time around here. Enjoy these next two weeks!


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