Thursday, September 3, 2009

My little temper tantrum Is it really September? I am not ready. No I am not. I'm not ready to pull out my sweaters and jackets. I'm not ready to hear the drone of football games streaming from a tv somewhere. I'm not ready for the sun to set before I get home. I'm not ready for the wedding to be here and gone. I'm just not ready! Tonight I am having an internal temper tantrum about Fall being here without my permission. Perhaps I can find a silver lining in it though in the form of some yarn and needles that weren't quite ready for the summer earlier this year.

On the needles (since February I might add): Francis Revisited


  1. Come and live down under. September is filled with the optimism and blue skies of Spring. The only thing not to look forward to is the thought of cricket on the radio all summer.

  2. oh yes, I agree with you. Time just goes by too quickly...

    but I do like Autumn. Probably my favourite season.

  3. I had that tantrum a few days ago. My knitting has smoothed the transition...but I still want a few more days of warmth and sun (and beach trips)

  4. Knitting season again? My, time does fly! I wish we could have one or two weeks of jeans and sweaters, and then go right back to summer skirts and tank tops. It's the prolongedness of it that I don't like...


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