Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shop Sale!

In an effort to make room for more *ahem* fabric, I've just reduced the price of the Barcelona Bags. These bags are perfect for the pool, beach, library, shopping, back to school, you name it. Now on sale in the shop.


  1. Those bags are beautiful. I love the fabrics.

  2. Hi I just found you from Lisa's U-Handbag blog. Congratulations on winning. Also how do you ensure that your clothes fit so well? I'm a new sewer with no prior experience and would love to learn how to make my own clothes.


  3. I really like your bags, but especially your pyjamapants and your Amy Butler top. I'm in the process of sewing that one my self. I hope to make it as nice as yours. Have a great summer.


  4. Off to browse -- your stuff is just gorgeous!


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