Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Now I know I got a little lazy with working out last week and having too much dessert, but how could my dress form have known?

Apparently I overstuffed my form causing this explosion a few months later. After a little late night liposuction, it's all better now. I have started running again this week, though.


  1. Oh, my.

    Was it spray-foam insulation you used to stuff it? How do you know when it's "too much"?

  2. Yeah... I did the same thing.

    @ J, the best way is to fill it halfway. Then let it sit for a week. Then I would do it in small layers.

    At least that's how I'm going to do it next time.

  3. I just used regular ol' polyester fiberfill. It is very easy to stuff this stuff (and was easy to take out). I think the white tape isn't as strong as the grey tape which is why it burst (though this is six months later).

  4. lol...I'm glad you got it fixed!

  5. This is hilarious! Ha ha ha.

  6. Holy smokes! These body doubles explode?!? I don't have one of these yet (nobody to help cut me out of it) but I am now convinced that this is what happened to my real body over the past (ahem) years! Why is my mother's body wearing my head in the mirror??


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