Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Regarding tonight's Project Runway episode

Was anyone else a little bored with tonight's episode? Come to think of it, I wasn't really wowed last week either. I really hope the challenges get more interesting...


  1. I wasn't bored. But, I wasn't blown away. I did think this one was really funny. I'm finding it hard to connect with the new designers. I'm hoping that will change as fewer remain.

  2. I wasn't bored, either. I was a little sad. Menswear is really difficult - a whole different animal really from women's. I felt like they were set up to fail. It is difficult to connect with this group and they are little too "accomplished" for me. I prefer less experienced designers.

  3. I also thought this one was pretty funny. So many of the garments fit poorly, but also it really highlighted (lack of) time management skills. For a woman, you can sew up a little dress, but a man will always needs 2-3 pieces to look dressed up. I think it will take a couple of weeks to discover and get hooked into your favorite designers. I'm not feeling into any one designer yet.


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