Monday, November 12, 2007

Leaf and vine applique skirt

The design drawing:

I just can't stop. I'm on an applique kick. I came up with this idea as I was making the circle applique skirt. It's made out of a rusty red colored denim.

What I like most about these skirts is that I've been able to showcase the "wrong" side of the fabric. Sometimes the "wrong" side of the fabric is just as pretty as the "right" side, no?

I added a single leaf on the back hem just for fun. I don't have anymore applique skirts in the works at the moment, but I am toying with some other skirt designs. I have been having so much fun imagining a design, drawing it, and then making it. My colored pencils haven't seen this much action in quite some time.


  1. SO fantastic! You are so talented at creating such great, simple appliques. I can't wait to see what you make next!

  2. Super cute!! What a great way to spruce up tired old store bought skirts too.

  3. Very nice, I love the colors, the red denim is so cool! -kb

  4. So pretty and in keeping with the season. ;o) I really quite understand your applique addiction - it is just so fun and adds so much. Keep those pencils sharpened and your machine humming. Can't wait to see your next creation.

  5. I love this even more than the circles! What a great idea to use the "wrong" side of the fabric; it never would have occurred to me.

  6. Oooh, I love this! You ARE on an applique kick - it's suiting you! I like the nice fall-ish color of the skirt as well :)


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