Friday, October 7, 2016


Happy Fall.  After what seemed like a summer that would never end, the weather finally cooled down and there's that familiar crispness in the air stirring all kinds of warm memories of sweater and cider season.  The leaves seemed to turn colors overnight.  I think we were all ready for the season to change. 

Pictured are Halloween projects I made last year.  The first two were gifts for Amber (simplelovemade on Instagram) at last year's Swapaholics Retreat.  The last pillow is one I made for myself using some of Dinara Mirtalipova's lovely Mischief Night fabric collection.  I used a smaller scale of my favorite quilt block, the rocky mountain puzzle block.  I still have scraps leftover from this project and am itching to make another pillow before the time it's no longer acceptable to put Halloween decorations out arrives. When exactly is that?  Halloween itself?  Oh wish me luck. 


  1. Your Idee is wonderful...Stars meet Halloween... :)
    I love the pillow.

    Have a nice day the Nähbegeisterte :)

  2. I love your idea and with those farics, a perfect match!

  3. I love the zipped pouch. I am making some for Christmas presents - even the men are getting them!


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