Monday, August 12, 2013


I’ve been quilting this stacked coins quilt off and on this past weekend. It’s going to take me all week because because I am slow and I don't have much free time, but…I am enjoying it! I think this is the first time I have truly enjoyed the actual process of quilting. So often I get a quilt top finished, sandwiched, and then I’m rushing to quilt it to get it done because of a deadline or a general desire for the finished product. But this time is different. This quilt has been sitting around, already sandwiched and pinned for well over a year. I felt so-so about this quilt top, didn’t know how I wanted to quilt it, and was unmotivated to finish it.

Until last week. I needed a break from the scrappy trip along quilt and decided to pull this out and quilt it without thinking too much (ie, straight-line quilting). Two strange things happened: First, I like this quilt again. Second, the straight-line quilting is so cathartic. I’m just enjoying every minute I have at the sewing machine, sewing line after line and watching them slowly take shape over the top.

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