Sunday, December 14, 2008


Folks, it's time I bought myself a new machine. I've been saving up for one, it's my birthday soon, my current machine isn't cutting it anymore - I have a ton of reasons. The problem is, I can't decide which one to buy! After several trips to a local sewing machine dealer, I'm now torn between these two options:

The Bernina 1008. This mechanical machine is supposed to be a real workhorse. When I tested it out in the store, it sewed so smoothly. But, will I miss all the bells and whistles of a computerized sewing machine?

Another option I've looked at is the Activa 230 PE. It's at the top of my price range but has everything I want/need. Though, I'm not sure I could quilt a full size quilt on this easily.

I just can't decide - and I'm sure there are even more options out there that I haven't even looked at. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on the machines above or other options? I appreciate your help!

ETA: Both the Activa 230 and 1008 are about the same price when I throw in the extra feet I'll need. So really my decision boils down to whether I want a longer throat plate for easier quilting and more of a workhorse (the 1008 is supposed to be pretty indestructible), or do I want more stitches, buttonholes, bells and whistles. Have I ever mentioned how indecisive I am???


  1. go with the activa 230 ( i think i have the 220, I can't remember). anyway, it is sooo worth the money and I've been loving it ever since you egged me on to buy it ;) It's my turn to return the favor. haha!

  2. i always think you should buy the best you can afford, but since they're both berninas, how can you go wrong with either one?!

    sorry, i know i'm no help at all...

  3. My girlfriend has an activa (not sure which number) and I covet it in a way that is very unhealthy. That machine is great, and as Katie said, it's the best you can get, so go for it.

  4. I'd go with the computerized one. I sewed on a mechanical for years, then upgraded to computerized recently, and can not really ever see myself going back. Ever! the throats don't look all that much different in size... Plus, since you sew clothes, multiple buttonholes makes sense, doesn't it? That said, my machine has about a bazillion stitch types and I don't use too many beyond the basics. If it were me, number of stitches wouldn't be a dealbreaker. Good luck! They both look awesome no matter what!

  5. I say to go with the computered one because on the non-computerized one you cant add the bells and whisels to it.

  6. Will you post your decision at some point? I have a Bernina serger and am thinking about also getting a Bernina sewing machine -- I have the same dilemma, a mechanical workhorse or computerized bells and whistles.


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