Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mama's got a brand new skirt...

...and it's fire engine red.

Materials used: red corduroy, big black buttons.

I'm currently toying with the idea of selling some skirts on etsy. I'll keep you posted.


  1. you're so stylish! I love the skirt!!

  2. Fantastic! And I love the tights that you've put with it too.

  3. I love it! the buttons and the tights are so fab! Another excellent one! -kb

  4. I LOVE it!! What pattern did you use??

  5. Great skirt. I love it with the tights. What fun to wear!

  6. That is a cute skirt. You should sell it on Etsy. I would definitely buy it if I saw it in a store.

  7. Adorbale!! Love those buttons.

  8. Oh Stephanie,

    That is a darling skirt,
    I'm so proud of you and your creations. Your are more creativie than I am at sewing.
    I must get my machine set up soon.

    Su Mama

  9. Love this skirt, did you use a pattern.. please let me know when you list on etsy, I wanna buy!!

  10. Love the skirt. I've been planning on making some for myself using the "Sew What Skirts" book that I bought a while ago. Thanks for the inspiration. I might make this my weekend project.

    Love the red and the buttons.

  11. Wow! It's gorgeous!
    I love RED!
    Good job.
    I think they would sell well.
    The buttons are the finishing touch.
    This makes me want to sew and add some sewing things to my site's blog.( I put my website here, because I don't have anything on my blogger acct. yet)
    Writing to Encourage YOU!

  12. I love that skirt. I want some knee high boots, too, so that I can wear skirts like that. The problem with living in Southern california is that I know that I would only be able to wear them for about 2 weeks of the year...

  13. I LOVE this skirt and the buttons make it even more special!

  14. Oooh, I like it! The contrast with red and the black buttons are brilliant. I would love to make this skirt and wondering if you used a pattern - and if so, which one? I really like the shape & length.


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